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Low Cost Florida Health Insurance

Low cost Florida health insurance sounds like an oxymoron.  Does it exist? Like so many other people in the country, Florida residents are dealing with the rise in insurance rates and low cost health options are not easy to find.

Most people in Florida are connected to a group plan through their employers, but that is changing.  Fortunately the Internet offers sites where people can find low cost Florida health insurance as well as information on how to choose what is best for the family.

Below you’ll find the information you need to find low cost health insurance in FL that still meets your family’s needs. Once you are finished reading this article then be sure and use our free quote finder to compare the top companies offeringaffordable health insurance in FL side by side.

Major Carriers Don’t Guarantee Low Cost Florida Health Insurance 

It’s not enough to be a major carrier  in the health insurance industry anymore.  There was a time when the companies with the most exposure and attractive advertising received the most business.  As a result of cornering the market, they could offer low cost insurance options more easily than the smaller insurers.  The top 5 “heavy hitters” are:

  • Aetna Inc.
  • Humana
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
  • United Healthcare Group
  • Assurant 

With the convenience of being able to go online and comparison shop, a big name is not enough.  Some people believe if they call the major company directly, they may just get the lowest Florida health insurance quote.  This is not true.  So many online quote sites are offering unfamiliar names with coverage that just may fit your needs at the lowest Florida insurance rates possible.

That being said, it is very important that you choose a Florida health insurance company that you can trust. You will want to choose a large and well known health insurance company with a large network of physicians and hospitals.

Creatively Shop For Low Cost FL Health Insurance 

Proactively and creatively customizing the coverage needed for your family may be the way to low cost Florida health insurance.  A few examples of this may be:

  1. Opting for higher deductibles ($2,500, $3,500 and $5,000 are available)
  2. Using an agent to assist you if you are self employed
  3. Having your premiums drafted from your bank account
  4. Utilizing the Health Savings Account for discount savings
  5. Opting for generic drugs when available

These are just some ways to customize your coverage needs.  There are other ways as well.  Small businesses in Florida with less than 5 employees may save by looking at Individual rates as opposed to a group rate (an individual rate can also include your immediate family).  

PPO’s or HMO’s For Low Cost Florida Health Insurance 

When deciding whether to choose a PPO (Preferred Physician Organization) versus a HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), cost may not be the best determination.

PPO’s give the subscriber more flexibility when it comes to choosing providers as long as they obtain the proper authorization when necessary for out of network providers.

HMO’s on the other hand are more restrictive when it comes to choosing providers.  As a result, many claims have been denied.  Pre-existing conditions seem to be a common problem with some HMO’s.

More Low Cost Florida Health Insurance Options for the Self Employed 

Self employed individuals now have more options for low cost health insurance in FL.  Carriers have recognized the growing need for individual plans.  Sometimes self employed individuals can be creative with plans that include:

  1. Discount medical
  2. Discount dental
  3. Discount vision
  4. Prescriptions plans 

Piece options may be the way to go if money is too tight for a 3 digit premium.  There are discount medical plans that offer direct discounts for physician services.  These plans can run around $40-$50 dollars per month (note that these types of plans are NOT health insurance plans and should only be purchased as an absolute last resort or as a supplement to your comprehensive major medical FL  health insurance plan).

The dental, vision, and prescription plans are often grouped together as a package.  The dental portion can run around $20 and the vision $10.  Prescription cards may be added for $8.  The network of providers is not that broad, but you are sure to find a couple to try in your community.

AHCA – KidCare Low Cost Florida Health Insurance For Kids

The Agency for Health Care Administration is a state program implemented by Medicaid.  It has four components to it:

  1. MediKids
  2. Florida Kids
  3. Children’s Medical Services Network
  4. Medicaid for Children 

These programs are designed to assist families that are 200% below the poverty level.  This is taking some of the pressure off of families who may be able to take advantage of other discounted plans while having this supplemental plan for the children.

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