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Florida COBRA Health Insurance

COBRA health insurance in Florida is governed under a federal regulation developed in 1985.  Florida COBRA health insurance is designed to help workers who lose their health insurance coverage unexpectedly.  It is one way that the government helps to make sure that everyone has health insurance coverage, and COBRA medical insurance for Florida residents helps to make sure that medical care is accessible.  Suddenly losing health insurance can be a huge problem and COBRA helps to ensure that in Florida you stay covered no matter what your situation.

The Basics Of Florida COBRA Health Insurance

COBRA was designed to make sure that people who suddenly lose their group health insurance coverage from an employer are not left to try to find coverage.  The idea is that with insurance companies being legally able to deny coverage to people based upon their medical history and situation, that someone who has medical issues and suddenly loses their group coverage might be left without coverage that they really need.

COBRA makes sure that when you become ineligible for your group health insurance, that you will be able to extend that coverage for a specific amount of time with no lapse in coverage.  This allows you to find other insurance coverage that you can use once COBRA coverage ends.

COBRA is available even to family of employees who lose coverage.  A common situation is the death of the insured individual.  Once the insurance coverage ends, COBRA may step in.  All the same rules and regulations apply for covered family members, as would apply if the coverage were obtained by the employee.

There are many regulations involved with COBRA, but the bottom line is that it is there when people really need it.  It is a guaranteed insurance that helps keep people covered when employers do not.

Florida COBRA Health Insurance Restrictions

COBRA insurance has quite a few rules and regulations.  It is important to understand them so you can get the most from COBRA insurance coverage.  Here are some of the basics of COBRA:

  1. You have 60 days after the end of your group coverage to accept COBRA coverage.
  2. It is only temporary coverage and you will be given a maximum term length for coverage (at least 18 months).
  3. It tends to cost more than group coverage because part of the policy is not paid by your employer.
  4. The benefits under COBRA are the same as you had under your group plan.
  5. You must qualify to get COBRA due to loss of group coverage.

You will get a notice through your employer once your group coverage ends, which will explain COBRA in detail.  It is important that you read this notice completely so that you understand the benefits and the regulations of the coverage.

Florida COBRA Health Insurance Cancellation And Termination

COBRA coverage in FL can end for a number of reasons.  Here are those reasons:

  1. the maximum coverage term is reached
  2. premiums are not paid
  3. employer drops their group coverage for current employees
  4. other coverage is obtained that will include pre-existing conditions
  5. you become eligible for Medicare

COBRA covers both employees and their family.  All the terms, conditions and termination factors apply no matter who is being covered under COBRA.  It is important that all of these factors are considered.

Reasons To Get Florida COBRA Health Insurance Coverage 

COBRA is a great option that allows you to stay covered.  The reasons for getting FL COBRA coverage are usually obvious.  COBRA is the best option for someone who has pre-existing conditions that would make getting individual coverage difficult or impossible.

COBRA helps to ensure that you are still able to get Florida health insurance.  Usually the coverage will last long enough to allow you to be able to qualify for individual coverage.  This is something that can be very helpful depending on your situation.

Additionally, COBRA helps to ensure that you do not have a lapse in your health insurance coverage.  

Get Quotes On Florida COBRA Health Insurance Alternatives 

You can get quotes on Florida COBRA health insurance alternatives to help you see how much it will cost you.  COBRA coverage will cost more than your group coverage, so it can help to get quotes to see just what that cost will be and to compare the rates of your other options before making a final decision.

If you are somewhat healthy then you can often purchase a Florida individual health insurance plan for about half of the cost of your Florida COBRA health insurance plan.

Get your Florida COBRA health insurance quotes through our quote tool at the top of this page. Compare Florida health insurance options now!

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