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Finding affordable health insurance in Florida is a task that many FL residents have to do at one time or another in their lives.  If you’re one of the many that isn’t provided health insurance by your employer, then you’ll need to muster up the courage to go into the unknown and find affordable Florida health insurance.  Luckily though, anyone willing to put in a little time and effort can find affordable health insurance in Florida.

Finding Affordable Health Insurance: Florida Makes It Easy

Why is it so easy to find affordable health insurance in Florida?

  1. More Insurance Companies:  More and more insurance companies are offering low cost FL health plan options.  With this increased competition in the FL health insurance market you have a great chance of finding an affordable Florida health insurance plan.
  2. Independent Agents:  The presence of independent agents in the Florida health insurance industry makes finding affordable Florida health insurance easier for consumers looking to buy.  Any Florida consumer can go visit an insurance broker, tell them the coverage they need, and let the broker do all the work.
  3. Comparison Shopping:  Our free Florida health insurance comparison tool at the top of the page will help you to compare rates from top insurance companies online.

Changes To Affordable Health Insurance: Florida Governor Makes Changes

The health insurance industry is changing in Florida.  Governor Charlie Crist is making it easier for residents to obtain affordable Florida health insurance by implementing changes in 4 areas of concentration:

  1. Increasing Options:  By increasing the options available to Florida residents, they will have access to more than just emergency care.  In addition to increasing health insurance options, it will also be easier for new health care facilities to be built.
  2. Lowering The Cost of Healthcare:  Charlie Crist plans to lower the cost of healthcare in order to create affordable Florida health insurance by working with prescription drug companies to lower their prices.
  3. Preventative Health Measures:  Changes to affordable Florida health insurance also involves preventing health problems before they start.  If more people started taking better care of themselves, then they could find affordable health insurance in Florida quite a bit easier.
  4. Mistakes:  Mistakes happen in the health care industry.  When they do, it ultimately drives up the cost of health insurance.  By eliminating mistakes in the health care industry, it is more likely that Florida consumers are going to be able to find affordable health insurance.

Affordable Health Insurance: Florida Offers Health Savings Account Options 

When shopping for affordable health insurance in Florida it is important to know your options in order to make the most educated decision based on what kind of coverage you need.  Millions of people use health savings accounts because of the massive amount of benefits that they offer.  However, before a HSA can be opened, it is important to be educated about what you’re getting yourself into.

Health savings accounts give you the opportunity to save money for medical expenses, which can sometimes be necessary if you have a high deductible on your standard health insurance plan.  The money in your health savings account can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses without having to worry about any tax liabilities.

Keep the word “eligible” in mind though.  Before you have any treatment, always make sure to check and make sure that you can withdraw the money in your HSA for that purpose.  If you can’t, then you potentially could be charged a large penalty for withdrawing money for a non-medical expense.

Affordable Health Insurance:  Florida Residents Use HSA’s For Lower Premiums And Tax Benefits

There are several benefits to opening up an HSA and finding the most affordable Florida health insurance plan.  At the time of depositing funds, the money is not subject to federal taxation. Every dollar you contribute to an HSA gives you an above the line tax deduction (up to certain IRS limits). Also, the money in the account grows tax free and rolls over from year to year. This is incentive enough for some people to open a health savings account.

Because having a health savings account means that you put your own money into it, it will eventually help create a more efficient health insurance industry and make it easier to obtain affordable Florida health insurance.  It’ll also help make insurance more affordable because you’ll be able to pay for more medical expenses out of pocket.

Many people wonder if they can withdraw money from their health savings account for purposes other than medical expenses.  The answer is: yes.  Money in a HSA doesn’t necessarily need to be spent on medical expenses.  However, if you do withdraw money from it before retirement, you’ll be subject to penalties, much like an IRA.  So really, you shouldn’t withdraw money from your health savings account unless it is for eligible medical expenses only. 

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